Thursday, March 25, 2010

Apartment Dweller

So remember when I mentioned that we were moving into a great 3-bedroom townhouse in Montgomery? Uhm...ya. It appears that I spoke too soon. I hate, hate, hate when that happens. We picked up the 42 page lease agreement from the realtor yesterday, that's right, 42 pages. Chris read through everything and called the realtor with several questions this afternoon. We wanted a few points clarified in writing and needed a few corrections before we were comfortable signing the paperwork and turning over the deposit. While discussing this with the realtor she mentioned that the owners wanted to continue to show the property until they received the deposit and signed paperwork. I understand that this is pretty typical, but I find it a bit strange that the same people who were more than okay with the lease starting on April 15 are now in such a hurry. So I know you're thinking, just sign the paper and hand over the dough. Unfortunatly that is easier said then done. They require a $975 deposit, $300 pet deposit, $975 rent (on April 15), $488 Pro Rated Rent on May 15. If you are keeping track that's $2738.00 in the next 30ish days. Not to mention the cost of moving and transfering utilities, etc. Ya, if we had that kind of money we wouldn't be leaving the townhouse we love and trying to find something a bit more budget friendly. GRRRRRR Our house is half packed people! So after much discussing and debating our options we did the only thing we could...we put down a deposit on an apartment.

I swore after we left Houston that I would NEVER EVER live in apartment again. We have had a string of bad luck in apartments and were quite happy to leave that chapter behind us. Yes, we could have continued to find a different rental property, but we are running low on time and high on stress and we had to be adults and make the mature, responsible decision. Sometimes being a grown up really SUCKS! The lower rent means that we can cover all of our bills and then some with Chris' salary and that life gets a little easirer. I am also planning on going back to work (not at a hotel) in August and if that happens my entire salary will be *extra* so to speak. We plan to pay off the car/debt and save pretty aggressivly so that come June we are in a position to buy or build the home of our dreams.

I know that as long as we are all together with a roof over our head and a cozy place to sleep that life will be okay. We may be starting the next chapter with a little less square footage than we had planned and with a few more neighbors (close neighbors) than is ideal, but a little sacrifice for a little while is way worth it for our little family. I hope that your homes (big or small) are filled with warmth and laughter and the best possible memories that only a family can create. I am thankful that where ever we roam and wherever this adventure takes us we will be there together turning our house/apartment into a home.

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