Sunday, March 21, 2010

Boxes and Labels and Packing Tape OH MY!

We're moving!

I mentioned the briefly in a previous post, but I finally have time to really address it. In my count Chris and I have moved 4 or so times since we started dating. That's a lot of moving. Each apartment housed their own special memories and various first, but this is the first one that I have felt emotional about leaving.

This is the house where we hosted Christmas Eve dinner for the first time, where we celebrated Chris' Master's Degree, where we've entertained friends and just enjoyed each others company. This is where we decided to start a family and where we suffered the tragic end of our first pregnancy. It's where we journied together through a healthy happy pregnancy, where we nested and where we brought our precious baby girl home for the first time. This is where we became parents. There are so many memories's hard to leave.

There are so many memories to be made...a new chapter to start. I am excited about our new home. We found a great 3 bedroom townhouse in Montgomery. It has a yard and plenty of room for our little family to grow when the time is right. Most importantly this move will allow me to continue to be a Stay at Home Mommy. It seems a bit strange that our little family will be starting a new chapter in Montgomery almost 10 years after I left there to start a new chapter at college. I guess things really do come full circle.

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