Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Let your light so shine...

My family raised me in the Lutheran church and this provided me not only a foundation of faith, but also an extended family of sorts. My biological grandparents lived far away and the church provided me a wealth of stand in grandparents among them Grandma Biehl, Ray Roller, and Sandy & Orpha Edgar. It also provided me a share of 'other mothers'  (and fathers) who were there to guide me in faith, celebrate my successses and ensure that my shorts were of an appropriate length.

Even before Alyvia was born I knew that I wanted her to be raised in the church. So after the choas of having a new baby had settled slightly we set out in search of the right church for our little family. We were blessed to find a home at Tree of Life Lutheran Church.  On our first visit were met with smiling faces and a warm welcome. Within just a few visits we knew that we had found the church family that we wanted to be a part of....the family that we wanted to help us raise our daughter in Christ. In February we became members and on Sunday (June 6, 2010) our church family, biological family and friends joined us in celebrating Alyvia's christening.

I cannot find the words to adequately express how blessed I feel at this moment. 

Blessed that my sisters, Hailey & Chelsea, will share the role of Godmother. I know that each of them loves Alyvia and will each, in their own way, use their time and talents to teach Alyvia, guide her, and support her in all that she does.  I cannot think of better role modles for my sweet girl.

Blessed that Gary (my future, future brother-in-law) will be Alyvia's Godfather.  I'm not sure that I know anyone that would take the role as seriously as he does and I know that he will love her, protect her and teach her as she grows.

Blessed that my parents took me to church, taught me the importance of faith, and have guided me in my own journey. I am greatful that they live so close and continue to offer guidance & support.

I hope that we can provide Alyvia with a strong foundation of faith, that she will always be surrounded by people who love her, support her, celebrate her, and make sure her shorts are of an appropriate length.

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