Thursday, June 3, 2010

What did you learn at school today?

When I graduated from college 6 years ago I was thrilled! I was so greatful for the knowledge I acquired, the experiences I had, and the friends I made. I was also greatful to be done with studying. I was done...I was degreed...and I was never going to pick up another book for anything other than a nice leisurly read.

Ha!  The degree is framed and hanging above my desk where I sit and study! That's right at 28 years old I am studying. I always knew that the time would come for me to go back to work.  I also knew that I would never go back to the hotel industry so I am preparing myself for a career change...I am going to get my teaching certificate (generalist EC - 4)

I am amazed at all that goes into the act of teaching skills like reading, writing, arithmatic, etc.  My teachers always made it look so easy. I really hope I can do the same.  In fact I hope that I can follow in the footsteps of all of the great teachers I have encountered over the course of my early education.

Ms. Ober, Ms. Parks, Ms. Whitney, Ms. Lemmons, Ms. Rich, Ms. King, Ms. Cahoon, Ms. Martin,
Ms. Teasdale, Ms. Davis, Ms. Kirby, Ms. Oberthier, Dr. Dixon

Each of these teachers has touched my life somehow and has helped to shape me into the woman that I am now. As I enter this new chapter in my life I have found a greater respect for all that they did.  Not only did they teach me the required material, they all created a warm classroom environment that encouraged each of us to think creativly, try new things and above all be excited about learning.  I am still learning from these people who I have not seen or talked to in years.  I am thankful for the time and energy they invested in me when I was young and I am thankful for the inspiration they are unknowingly providing me now.

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