Monday, February 28, 2011

Movin', Movin', Movin'

Movin', Movin', Movin,
The Douglas' are movin' (have moved) again
When we 'downsized' into our 2-Bedroom Apartment last Spring, the plan was for me to start teaching in August, and thus to start earning an income. We were going to save some money, buy some land, build a house/barndominium, then start trying to add to our family in August or September 2011 (making baby #2 due in Spring of 2012)
I'm not really sure why I continue to make plans at this point, other than to give God a good chuckle! No teaching job plus expensive daycare and excessive daycare induced illness resulted in a decision for me to continue to be a SAHM...This meant no FMLA compliance to worry about...which meant a new addition to our family a year earlier than planned (It should be noted that baby #2 is earlier than planned, but still perfectly in line with what we have always wanted for our family). Anyway, this all means that we have officially outgrown our 2-Bedroom Apartment, chucked previous plan out the window, and moved a few buildings over in to a first floor (easier for baby lugging), 3-Bedroom Apartment.
God bless my hubby who handled the move, while I worried and waddled around trying to wrangle Lyvi. Also a HUGE thanks to my parents, who took over wrangling duties for the weekend so Chris could work on moving and I could worry and waddle around trying to stay out of the way. Lest, you think I did nothing...I did unpack Lyvi's room and her bathroom, making sure each room was just so, before my parents returned her to us on Sunday. Hoping that having all of her things set up and accessible will make the transition easier...pleased to say she hasn't missed a beat. The jury is still out on me and the pooch...think it will take us some more time to adjust. Our stuff is all moved, but we are far from settled, so I am off to make myself useful for a bit.

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