Saturday, March 19, 2011

30 Weeks

Let me start by apologizing for the tardiness of this post.  Pregnancy, hormones and allergies have been kicking my bootie this's not pretty but it's true. I finally feel humanish, so on with the updating and such...

Miss Sadie is approximately 16 inches long and around 3 pounds. A recent ultrasound revealed a head full of curls...seriously who sees curly hair on an ultrasound (us, that's who!). She is definately starting to run out of room as indicated by the rolling (and kicking) that I feel regularly in my belly. I am feeling a lot more downward pressure these days and I'm certain that my bladder is Sadie's new favorite toy. I have to be honest, while I love being pregnant and I am very excited about our new addition, this second pregnancy is kicking my patootie! The second trimester burst of energy, short lived though it was, is now long gone and the mental and physical requirements of baby baking coupled with caring for my family is zapping what little is left.  My hormones are raging and I fear that my hubby has been at the receiving end of more than a few mood swings.  Discomfort or not, I'm hoping that Sadie will stay put a little longer than Lyv did so I have time to get a little more ready for her arrival.

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