Wednesday, April 20, 2011

35 Weeks

35 Weeks! YIKES!
5 Weeks until our due date...likely less until we get to hold Miss Sadie in our arms for the first time.

Sadie should be around 5 pounds now and will spend the remaining weeks plumping up.

Next week marks the start of weekly doctors visits and the first check to see if I am dialated/effaced. (With Lyvi I was 1-2 at this point). I still can't get my head around how fast this pregnancy has gone. I'm still feeling pretty good, but the contractions are coming more often (OUCH!), the heartburn is ridiculous, and Chris has resorted to sleeping on the couch in an effort to avoid being awaken by the repeated bathroom trips and the flailing process that is rolling-over/getting comfortable. Truthfully we both sleep better with this arrangement. While I don't feel totally mentally prepared for her arrival, I am hedging towards being ready to have my bady back. Of course, aches and pains aside I want her to "bake" as long as needed and for her to arrive healthy and safely when the time is right.

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