Thursday, June 30, 2011


I had a doctor's appointment last week and I started the morning by patting myself on the back because I had successfully packed the diaper bag, dressed myself and Sadie, and left the house on time. The drive to the appointment was uneventful and we arrived right on time...or so I thought. When I arrived at the office I noted how unusually empty the waiting room was; and when I signed in the girl behind the counter looked confused when she couldn't find my file. I quick check of the computer confirmed that I did have an appointment on the books for Thursday, I was just early. Arriving early is a major accomplishment with a kiddo in tow, unless of course you are 7 hours early. That's right, 7 hours! Turns out my appointment wasn't until 4pm - FAIL!

It didn't really make sense to drive home just to turn around and come back, so I set out to run some errands.At some point I drove over a dead skunk which wouldn't really be noteworthy except that when I got out of the car several miles later the scent of skunk was still really strong. Again I stress that I drove over the skunk, I did not hit the skunk. 20 minutes of shopping later I was dismayed to find that my car still stunk... I could smell it before I even got close :( trust me when I tell you that od 'de skunk and 100+ temps are not a good combo. A car wash, several hours and several stops later the car still stunk FAIL!

By the time I got home I was certain that the day held one more 'FAIL' (these things come in threes ya know) and I braced myself. Instead of another challenge the universe gave me a gift. I got to see just how much Alyvia loves Sadie. This was the first time the girls have spent more than a few hours apart since we brought Sadie home, and Alyvia missed Sadie. She spent all day looking for Sadie, asking about Sadie and only played with her baby doll (wrapping her up, feeding her, pushing her in her stroller and walker). When we got home Alyvia didn't even acknowledge me, instead she ran straight for Sadie and stayed by her side the rest of the night. She simply adores her little sister. SUCCESS!

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