Monday, June 20, 2011

Weekend Recap

We had a very busy, yet very relaxing weekend around these parts.  Chris and I had plans to join my MOM group for 'date night' at Lupe Tortilla on Friday night, but those plans fell through.  Luckily we were able to make last minute plans with some dear friends in Houston who we have not seen in far too long. So I got all gussied up (a rare occurance), we dropped the girls off with my parents (so lucky to have them) and headed to Houston. We made a quick stop to pick up a double stoller (one of Chris's Craig's List finds) then met our friends at Barnby's Cafe (the original). The restaurant was cute, the food & wine were great, and the company and conversation was even better.  In fact, it was so good that we lost track of time and ended up picking Sadie up a little later  lot later than planned.

Chris got up on Saturday and headed back to The Woodlands to pick up Lyvi and to do some grocery shopping, leaving me to putter around the house and spend some time with Sweet Sadie. They made it back just in time for lunch and a nap. The rest of Saturday was pretty low key, which was just perfect.

I got up bright and early on Sunday to finish up a few Father's Day surprise* and let Chris sleep in while I fed the girls breakfast, and fixed coffee and blueberry muffins for us.  After Lyvi had said 'Da-Di?' for the billionth time we went in to wake him up, climbed into bed and snuggled for a bit (ie, as long as Lyvi's attention span would allow)  

Then we moved to the living room for breakfast and more cuddling and presents*!

 After and early nap for Lyvi we were all set to spend the rest of the day celebrating and relaxing with my parents (Nonnie & Pop).  We ate, played, bubbled and kiddie pooled away the rest of the was perfect!
 The Daddys (what is the plural of Daddy?) even managed to squeeze in a nap!

 All in all it was a great weekend and I hope that Chris and my dad know how very loved and appreciated they are.

*more on the surprise and presents later.