Thursday, July 7, 2011

2 Months

She is my blue eyed, fair skiinned, laid-back girl. She is just the right mix of brand new and oddly familiar and this week she is 2 months old.


Weight - 9# (5%)
Height - 23" (77%)
Head - 37mm (17%)

She is bright eyed and very alert always looking around she responds to our voices (and lyvi's squeals) by turning towards us and she smiles...big gummy grins. She is happy most of the time and rarely cries. She has started cooing and making other sweet baby noises and she still grunts and growls...quite a talker. She likes playing in the floor and is not nearly as angry about tummy time as her older sister was. In fact, she is already showing tremendous head control. Lyvi is never far from her side and regularly ask to play in the floor with her or to hold her.

She is a good sleeper (*please don’t let this jinx us), and seems to be more comfortable sleeping in the swing or in her bouncer. During the day she takes cat naps but can be counted on to take a longer nap in the afternoon (12:30 – 2:30ish) and again after dinner (7:30 – 11:30 or later). At night she's up to eat around 2:30am and again around 6am.

I still catch myself comparing her to Lyvi and I am constantly surprised at just how different they are.  Time is flying by so fast and while part of me wants it to slow down so I can savour each delicious moment of baby, the other part of me can't wait to see her personality develop and to watch her play with Alyvia.

**I really hate to be one of those 'I can't believe how fast she's growing up people', but really I can't figure out where the time went. Before she was born I had really good intentions to make a cutesie set of "montly" onsies for her to wear for these mothly photo ops, but time slipped away from me.  After she was born I vowed to make you can see we are now two months in and no onsies...maybe it will happen for month 3"

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