Monday, March 22, 2010

The Hard Way

DNA strikes again! We are still debating whose eyes Alyia has, and what side of the family that cute little nose came from, but one thing requires no both of us she likes to do things the hard way.

All of the experts (whoever they are) list rolling over as a milestone that most babies reach around 4 months of age. Most of these babies learn to roll from tummy to back. I am sure this is because these babies are spending plenty of time on their tummys. Once they roll over they admire the new view and begin to work on rolling from back to belly. Not my kid! Four months came and went with no rolling.(Likely because Lyvi HATES tummy-time) I asked the pediatrician about the missed milestone and she said not to worry because some babies skip that step...and skip it she did.

Until now. Lyvi started rolling over last week. She started slowly at first and got the hang of it very quickly. Now she does it whenever she can - playtime, naptime, bedtime. The problem is that she learned to roll from back-to-belly first and 1) she can't figure out how to get back to her back over and 2) she HATES being on her belly. As a result the novelty of the new viewr wears of and she starts frantically trying to turn over - which at this point envolves flailing limbs, various noises and for some reason lots of drool. I am torn between 'my poor baby' and 'let's see if she can figure this out'. I want her to know she can count on mommy to help, but I don't want her to quit trying and become reliant upon me to flip her over. Ahhh the struggles of motherhood...and this is the easy stuff.

**EDIT - As if this rolling over stuff isn't hard enough, LyviBug cut her first tooth today. She is NOT a happy camper**

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Kam said...

We are still working on rolling over too!!