Wednesday, March 3, 2010

The Land of Douglas

Life in the Land of Douglas is whizzing by at such a rapid pace it seems that a blog might be a good way to keep track of the adventure. Join me won't you?

Since the arrival of Alyvia the rules to the game have been thrown out and we are truly making it all up as we go along. I once planned corporate meetings and fancy galas. Now my days are filled with tiny outfits, dirty diapers, formula bottles and an array of pink toys. I'm finding my inner domestic diva handling the household budget, planning dinners, cooking baby food and making on heck of an effort at house cleaning. June Cleaver, I am not...but I'm loving my new role. I love being a Mommy!

While my daily duties have changed quite a bit somethings have remained pretty close to the same. Before Lyvi got here Chris and I had several conversations about how life would change with a baby in tow. Turns out life really hasn't changed that much. Sure, we now spend most Friday nights laughing at the faces she makes and giggling as she discovers her toes, tries to sit up or does whatever new thing she's currently up to, but we also go to brunch on the weekends, dine out with friends, shop, shop, shop and more. Whether we are home or out-and-about one thing is true...Life is Sweet!

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