Tuesday, April 5, 2011

32 Weeks and 33 Weeks

We've already reached 33 Weeks and somehow I never got around to posting the 32 Week belly pictures so let's start with those.

Okay, now onto Week 33!
Sadie is around 4 pounds now and over 17" long.  Her little skeleton is hardening and you can regularly see my belly shift and move while she rolls, punches, and judo chops my insides.

I'm having a little more back pain and general discomfort, but overall I feel pretty good still.  Chasing Lyvi takes a lot of energy and it is getting harder to pick her up. I managed to miss my doctor's appointment on Wednesday (even after calling to confirm on Monday) and had to reschedule for Thursday...is it too late in the pregnancy to blame it on 'Baby Brain'? I find myself napping when Lyvi does and heading to bed pretty early (or falling asleep on the couch while watching tv with hubby)...tired!

I'm feeling more ready for her arrival (mentally and otherwise). All of the furniture is in Sadie's room and we stumbled across a great sale at Michaels' this weekend that provided all of the bird houses and pretty room decor that I have been dreaming of for my sweet girls space.  Just need to order the bedding!

We had an awesome family/maternity photo shoot with the awesome Janica Boles (JBo Photo). Can't wait to see the pictures. I will share them here when I get them....in the meantime, here are the maternity pics and newborn pictures of Lyvi (can't belive these were nearly 2 years ago).

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A. said...

Oh my god you look adorable. And happy. I'll get working on your project soon, I promise!