Tuesday, June 7, 2011

60 Day Photo Challenge [Day 1]

Day 01 - A picture of yourself with fifteen facts.
1. My guilty pleasure is watching The Peoples' Court and Judge Judy
2. I still remember all of the words to my High School song and the fight song
3. My college mascot is a Kangaroo...althought I do not remember the AC fight song
4. BOOMER SOONER! I could sing the OU fight song by the time I was 5 (still can)
5. I love cooking magazines, cookbooks, and food blogs. I like cooking too, but I get such joy from flipping/clicking through the pages of food publications looking at the pretty pictures and picking out recipes to put on my "Must Cook List"
6. My favorite Ice Cream is Blue Bell Cookies & Cream
7. I want to open a snow cone stand (no, really, I do)
8. I am addicted to Chik-Fil-A Sweet Tea
9. I love mafia movies, especially Gotti and Goodfellas
10. I wish I was a better photographer 
11. I'm a planner at heart and according to my husband I "plan to make plans"
12. I miss my old friends and wish I was better at staying in touch
13. Chris and I had only been dating for 4 months when we got engaged (when it's right, it's right)
14. I'm a TV junkie...and have it on most of the time, if only for background noise
15. I have 2 younger sisters, and I fit the 1st child sterotype to a T

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